3. Knowledge is Power

Today is a great day to start your collection of paper – any leaflets, local magazines, special offers, tokens in local papers should ALL be kept in a plastic wallet/bag/drawer/old briefcase/flowerpot/shoebox…

A good place to start is at the local library which should have lots of copies of local information you can take away. There is usually a family magazine for each area maybe Family Grapevine, Lots 4 Tots, Community Times, Family Times, Primary Times, Buzz Guide – any of those or an independent local community mag should have lots of ‘what’s on’ guides for the Summer. I would also have a walk around your local  high street and check out all the churches as well for holiday clubs.

You may also get some information from local schools and nursery’s, community centres etc about activities and events.

Once you feel you have collected all your local area has to offer, you can start to add the ones that interest your family into the calendar. It doesn’t mean you will do all (or any) of these things, it just means you know when they are, what they cost and if you have to book. You then have options which I have found the to be invaluable with kids over the school holidays. I only list on my planner things that are free or less than £5. Your limit will be entirely up to you. We also have a Big Day Out to a water park on the last day of the holiday (assuming the kids fill in their work sticker chart… more info on that soon).

Off you go!

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