Our Christmas Impact

I’ve bundled most of December and even this first week of January into this one post, as Our Impact over this period is much easier to think about as a job lot.  This is how I feel we have made an impact…

  • Recycled as much as possible with mindfulness over wrapping gifts etc. to reduce unnecessary waste – easier for adults than children…
  • Reduced our food order from last year to include treats etc, but again more careful planning meant a lot less waste
  • Bought 90% of our gifts from local or small producers including a large percentage from charitable or social enterprises
  • Encouraged ourselves and others to have a wider impact in their families and communities with the #frugalactsofkindness calendar which was a big  hit here at Frugal HQ
  • Kept our budget for gifts, and reduced our card sending again – reducing waste and stress!
  • One of our acts of kindness was to share anything spare, and this was perhaps the most visible impact for us – we took a box of biscuits to the local care home, toys and toiletries to a local refuge and lots of other small items to places they could be used and were needed – that’s the spirit of Christmas x

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year – hope to see you here x

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