Do Good

The holidays should of course be a time for fun and frivolity, pjs and parks BUT it’s also an opportunity for you to share your values with your children and ‘teach’ them things that you believe to be important. They have so many influences, especially with the modern technology that we never had as children, I sometimes feel I’m in a fight to be a voice they hear and take on board.

You can do this in fun ways, focusing on projects or ideas that are meaningful to you and sharing your passions. For example, we are going to be making a bee hotel this holiday, lots of chances to talk about why bees are important and what we can do in our garden to help them, we’ll also watch the Bee Movie and do some bee crafts (also available as a free download if you want it x). This will be during the Science & Nature topic that they decided on so it fits with there current interests.

Think about what’s really important to you, and a way you can share that with your children that might help them understand your passions and values.

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