Today’s idea is one we completely support – from Kim at LifeCanBeToff.

‘to maintain a healthy mind, each night before bed I write in my journal.

First off, I write a positive of the day, no matter how big or small, then I close off the day and start tomorrow’s.

It’s the last thing I do each night. I like to think it helps me keep a tidy mind for a better night sleep.’

Kim is so right about writing! I used to teach a Journaling for Recovery course, which I also wrote. The benefits that people felt to their wellbeing from starting a journal were many and varied. I’m so positive about this that I’m going to do a much longer post very soon. For now I would encourage you to just start writing, and at the end of the day is a great time to unload your brain. There are some things to consider to keep yourself safe when writing – remember to stop if you feel it is bringing up anything you are not able to deal with currently, remember that if you want to keep it private you need to find somewhere that will be respected and remember that you are in control of what you write.

Do you keep a journal of any kind? I consider our Instragram account as a visual journal of our daily lives…

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