Don’t Panic!

Easter School Holidays are upon us (at least here the in the UK they are!) – they are a difficult one to plan as the weather at this time of year is a bit unpredictable. It could be anything from glorious sunshine (friend of the frugal) or knee deep in snow – this year the forecast is for the cold … Read More

Empowering Shopping

Another of the brilliant and inspiring projects I’ve heard about via the #EthicalHour network is Boho Homes, I will let them explain for themselves: Boho Homes is a social enterprise that works with grassroots artisans , marginalised communities and other Fairtrade suppliers to bring boutique homeware products to market . You can have a look at our website A … Read More

Believe it or not…

One of my favourite historical figures was discovered while researching a talk on Women in Camoflage  – about women who disguised themselves as men to go into the Forces (it happened a lot more than you would think!). One particular woman has the most extraordinary life – Kit Cavanagh. Her tale is quite long and detailed, which isn’t for here, but what … Read More

The Ethics of Gold…

I suppose I knew about blood diamonds and to be careful about buying gem stones (that hasn’t been a problem for me!), but I didn’t know much about the ethics and sustainability of metals and jewellery. I was excited to be in touch with the fascinating and very talented Jemima Hargreaves, who is kindly sharing her story with us: In … Read More

Living the Dream

Oh my – another fantastic and inspiring woman to share with you, although I suspect many of you will already know about The Woolly Pedlar! I was so excited to hear that she would not only like to feature here, but is also happy to be interviewed in our Just One Thing series over on the facebook page… The opportunity … Read More

International Women’s Day!

Yeah! Women are Great! or are they? As Germaine Greer so amusingly noted the Pie got a whole WEEK of celebrations, so maybe pies are better than women – or men… I do find celebratory days like this a bit odd. I love that it’s an opportunity for everyone to discuss, investigate, learn and lift up women – to celebrate … Read More

Mummy Power

Our Wonderful Woman today has been nominated by Jane Shaw, via the #Ethical Hour facebook group – here’s what she wanted to tell us about Eve Bell: I’d nominate the amazing Eve Bell at Baba+Boo. She started her ethical business when her children were 9 weeks and 18 months; nearly nine years later she continues to run a successful, professional … Read More

Small is Special

Today I’d really love to introduce you to a person that I’ve never met, but someone I would really like to get to know because they are doing exactly what we are hoping to support everyone to do in life! We started a series of interviews on our Facebook Page this year called Just One Thing – hearing from a … Read More

Womens Issues…

I asked a few friends what they thought were still the issues for women to tackle now and in the future – I got some great ideas for this theme and will be adding them as the month unfolds. One that surprised me, just because I had never really thought about it much was period poverty. I was very aware … Read More

Raising Girls…

People often talk about how important it is to raise girls with certain values and beliefs, and with three girls I do agree. However, I also have a son to raise and feel it’s just as important to be mindful of guiding him with values and beliefs that are positive, as well as role modelling certain behaviours that reinforce how … Read More