Welcome 2018!

We are so excited about this year here at Frugal HQ – we have been making lots of plans, some of which are too far fetched… but some are going to be actually real!! There is much more work to be done before we can share them, but to get us going for the year, if you are just starting … Read More

No Resolutions!

I’m not a big fan of making a list of things I will do for the year, and then feeling either pressured or stressed when they don’t happen… however, I do quite like the feel of January and the opportunities that the New Year brings to re-focus or set a goal – which therefore makes the whole month a bit … Read More

Our Christmas Impact

I’ve bundled most of December and even this first week of January into this one post, as Our Impact over this period is much easier to think about as a job lot.  This is how I feel we have made an impact… Recycled as much as possible with mindfulness over wrapping gifts etc. to reduce unnecessary waste – easier for … Read More