Winter Wonders

You may be able to see steam coming off my keyboard such is the HUGE amount of work going on at Frugal HQ – it’s just been the most exciting and productive time.  Hopefully you have seen our recent post about the new email course, and now we have this amazing collaboration to help you have the most productive, frugal, … Read More

You Asked, We Answered!

New Course! I have been wanting to start our workshops and courses, but with my butterfly brain I found it hard to decide what to do first. We already have our free e-book and free Ta-Dah! course available, but I wanted to do more… I decided to ask what the real issues are for families trying to budget and be … Read More

Start Questionning

We are supporting the wonderful sisters that have decided to Start Something in response to the negative impact of fast fashion. Their new project called Together Street is aiming to get us all on board to make small changes to have a big effect on the clothing industry.   Why not join them with their campaign, and maybe be inspired … Read More

Start Learning

I was inspired by Helen Domleo while we were dog walking recently – as well as being a talented jewellery maker, and having had a most interesting life experience and story so far… she has also started doing a pottery class at a local College. We discussed how hard it can be to carve out ‘me time’ while parenting and … Read More

Stop the Press!

National Hugging Day! Who can resist celebrating this wonderful day? We certainly can’t here at Frugal HQ, and with the cold weather and a hibernation sensation cuddling up under a quilt sounds pretty perfect. National Hugging Day is on the 21st January every year, and although it started in the US it’s travelled the world with it’s message of kindness … Read More

A Year Without…

One way to #startsomething might be to challenge yourself to make a change, or do something differently. There are so many ways you could fit this into your family and personal life, just for inspiration take a look at La Pepa Boutique… who have decided to try a year without shopping! This is indeed a mighty challenge, but a ‘no … Read More

Help Something Amazing

It might be that you would like to support someone else to #startsomething- and if so this brilliant project by the team at Where Does it Come From? might be just the thing. When you buy clothes from here you can see the complete chain from farm to finished! This is a great, transparent business so you know exactly who … Read More

Creativity Countdown

Over at The Art Tiffin you can #startsomething with their 30 day creative challenge. We all know that self care and mental  health can be positively impacted by creativity and art – and this challenge is a daily email with an inspirational idea, image or article to get your creative juices flowing! It’s FREE from the wonderful Art Tiffin and … Read More

We are Starting Something!

See, we do take our own advice! New E-book! We are so excited to share our new FREE e-book with you. I wanted to put together a set of starting ideas and goals for living an ethically frugal life, and January just seems the perfect time to do this. I hope that this is useful to people and contains some … Read More

Welcome 2018!

We are so excited about this year here at Frugal HQ – we have been making lots of plans, some of which are too far fetched… but some are going to be actually real!! There is much more work to be done before we can share them, but to get us going for the year, if you are just starting … Read More