Today our good friend Lisa Cole is sharing what our theme #feelingthankful made her think of… as someone who supports people to gently de-clutter their homes you may be a bit surprised by her comments!   I have an old cardboard box, badly covered in little bits of scrap paper. The box is flimsy, the patchwork of paper on it … Read More

Share the joy

It’s very fashionable to be a bit late to a party, so it’s totally fine for me to share this idea from Michele at for our #feelingthankful theme. Michele has created a gratitude calendar for the whole month of November and you can join in or just download it for your own family fun. For each day there is … Read More

Born Lucky

As I stepped into the shed this morning for work, I turned on the lights and the heater and got some hot chocolate on the go, muttering under my breath how cold it was this morning. I’d already had to de-ice the car and spend an age finding all the matching hats, gloves and scarves that all four kids suddenly … Read More

Autumn Sun

We are so enjoying the Autumn this year! Half term was full of wonderful weather for walking and messing about in the great outdoors, and today we felt compelled to go and enjoy the sunshine – you never know when you may be stuck indoors for a few days… so, we went to a local farm. What we love about … Read More

World Vegan Day

As a start to our new November theme of #feelingthankful – we want to send a virtual hug to all the vegans caring about animal welfare and our environment and supporting others to join them. We at Frugal HQ (bar one) are vegetarian and mostly dairy free so we are on our way towards a vegan lifestyle, we support many … Read More

Paying Forwards

We are so enjoying all the new businesses and organisations we are meeting across the globe, and all the innovations and ideas for running ethical and sustainable companies. We have mentioned a few, but Paying Forwards has a special place in our hearts as they reached out to our kids to become special tshirt testers! Look at these unique and … Read More


We got very excited about the new Ethical Brand Directory, and did a guest post for them (the first of many!) about how to recycle after Halloween… Take a quick look if you need some ideas x The Directory has been started by Roberta Lee, to try and get all the wonderful ethical suppliers and producers into one easy to … Read More

Shopping & Helping

We wanted to give a great Frugal Family shout out to all the companies that allow us to shop and help at the same time, we have recently come across the wonderful Ethicological – who are on a mission to make the products they sell meaningful and support amazing projects. Check them out to find out more about their mission … Read More

Shopping Local

We love our local high street, it’s one of the reasons we narrowed down our home search to this town. We love how many independent shops there are – and despite it going through a tough time at the moment, we have high hopes that it will pull through. There are also an incredibly high number of women business owners … Read More


I wanted to prove that I (mostly) practice what I preach… today we had a playdate – idea five on our list. We already had a friend over so that their mum could work today, so extra friends just adds more fun!?  I made ‘zones’ in the house so that there were things for people to do, and the garden … Read More