Week Two

This week I’ve really struggled to think of something… we’ve had poorly children and not been in our usual routine. However, as soon as I stopped panicking that my ethical frugal life was a sham and actually thought about it I came up with these things…   We sorted out the Winter Box, and donated the items we no longer … Read More

Week One

We are still not quite sure how best to measure and share our impact… but let’s just start and then tweak as ideas come to us (this is somewhat of a Frugal HQ philosophy of life!!).   This week we have given one bag of clothes to the Salvation Army charity shop. One bag of boxes to the Reception class … Read More

Thanksgiving 101

How wonderful the internet is… I managed to get this awesome information with a shoutout for help via Instagram! So here is the lowdown for us Brits on what all this talk of Thanksgiving is all about… with special thanks to Melissa Rohlfs (you can follow Melissa on her excellent blog A Well-Heeled Life) First, a disclaimer. I’m no historian. … Read More

International Mens Day

Men are getting a bit of a bashing lately, as it appears a high proportion of them are just awful. I do feel that in the name of balance it’s the right time to say that not all men are like that – I feel very lucky and thankful to have found one of the shiny ones. On International Mens … Read More

Thankful & Safe

One of my favourite things about starting The Frugal Family has been all the wonderful and interesting people and businesses I have met. I hope today, while thinking about World Toilet Day, and #feelingthankful we have not one but two indoor toilets – I wanted to share this great information about staying healthy and being thankful for all the sanitation … Read More

Sunshine Blogger Award

We were so delighted to be nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by the wonderful Sabine at From Scratch, who offer writing and workshops to improve your business and customer service – and the feedback from clients says they are 100% helpful! We are both proud members of the Ethical Hour Growth Network, and the Sunshine Blogger Award is aimed … Read More

Luxury is Allowed!

When living a frugal life it is sometimes hard to balance the financial, ethical and practical needs of our family. It’s really important not to get so obsessed with every penny that you stop enjoying things… there is a fine tuning to be done so that you can still, on occasion, have a luxurious item or treat and feel good … Read More

World Kindness Day

I have been so incredibly lucky with the people and experiences I’ve had in my life, that picking just one to think about to celebrate on this lovely day is quite hard. So, I’m going to just share the kindness I have been shown by completing a random act of kindness towards someone else. I’ve also decided to share our … Read More

Lest We Forget

On Remembrance Sunday what else could we be thankful for but the safe return of Mr. Frugal from his military service? We have had him home now for eight years and I am still truly thankful every time he comes home safe – that feeling of fear never quite leaves you, even when they have a ‘normal’ job in the … Read More

Creating Lightness

How wonderful to have some great insight from lovely guests about what gives them the #feelingthankful vibe!  Today we welcome SS Blake, who shares some reasons why she took, and continues on a minimalist path… I use to be somewhat of a hoarder. I got it honest, as both my parents and grandparents also kept everything they ever touched. It  … Read More