Week Four

This week we have been working on our daily #frugalactsofkindness, which we believe are having an impact on our local community and also on our family and the balance we are trying to strike between getting stuff for ourselves over Christmas and sharing with others. Some of our impact this week:   Taking some books to the library for their … Read More

Gorgeous Gifts for £5 and Under

There are NO AFFILIATE links here, I’m not getting any personal benefit from sharing these ideas with you (more fool me!) but I wanted to inspire people to stop spending money they don’t have, or only buying from large corporations when you can get wonderful, handmade, beautiful, ethical gifts from small suppliers, local producers and great people. You are likely … Read More

Tell Someone a Joke

Hope you have all downloaded your #frugalactsofkindness calendar and are playing along! We will share our efforts on our Instagram and Facebook pages if you want to join up with us there, we are also on Twitter and Pinterest as well. Busy Busy Busy! The challenge today was to share a little joy by telling someone a joke. So here … Read More

Pick Up Litter

It’s the 1st December and our Christmas Countdown has began, this year we found advent calendars with erasers inside, which the kids love and makes a change from chocolate. We also have a paper calendar which is a bit damaged now from years of use – you add a character to the nativity scene each day – it’s my favourite. … Read More

Week Three

This week was a bit easier, especially as I now think more about our impact in our daily living… so this week we: Had a clear out of too small shoes and donated them to shoe aid. Re-loaned our repayments from KIVA – this is a micro loan site that allows you to support small operations around the world to … Read More


Our theme for December is #frugalactsofkindness, you can join in by using our free Random Acts of Kindness calendar with an idea for every day in December to be kind. You can switch them around depending on your situation, but they give you some starting points… We will be sharing our kind behaviour on our Instagram page, on Twitter and … Read More

Gratitude and Kids

Great podcast here about how to help kids see your values in a very practical way – over just talking to them about what’s ‘right’ all the time. I found this very thought provoking… even with a very young family we have tried to include acts of kindness into our version of normal life, and I think it does start … Read More

Gifts That Keep On Giving…

Gifts that Keep on Giving… Part Two During a conversation with our lovely friend Lisa at Less-Stuff we realised how frustrating it can be to buy things for people who already have everything they need, so we have collaborated to bring you 10 brilliant ideas for Gifts that Keep On Giving… they help you look amazing, give your friend or … Read More


We were thrilled to be invited to share our story and plans for the future with Kat from Share Impact. The podcast was great fun to do, and it was also an interesting exercise to speak out loud about The Frugal Family – it’s grown so quickly and talking about the future made it seem very real and very exciting. … Read More

The NHS rocks

Today I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself, and that’s made me feel poorly and I’ve had a root through the medicine drawer… and it made me think how lucky I am to have such easy access to pain relief, decongestants, vitamins and minerals, healthy foods and all sorts of things to keep me well. If I want to I … Read More