Show Gratitude

We had to write or share 5 things we are grateful for… I was curious what the kids would say – and they truly took my breath away!   our home these toys having nice food being in our family having a dog WOW! I had no idea they would even understand what I meant, let alone be able to … Read More

Lend a Book

We took a few books to our Dr surgery to help keep kids occupied while waiting for appointments, they were books we either had duplicates of or had outgrown in some way. This wasn’t really a ‘lend’ more of a donate, but it is still an act of kindness! I did also lend my lovely Blake Mycoskie book to a … Read More

Donate Food

We keep a list of items our local food bank prefers – and try to add one thing to our weekly shop and then build up a box of items. It can cost an extra 33p a week for us, but that box of items soon builds up and makes a real difference to the Food Bank organisations in our … Read More

Make a Drink

This is a nice way to show kindness – offering a cup of tea or a drink to someone that clearly needs it. It’s not that you don’t as well, but sometimes by showing kindness it comes back to us in spades xx  Such an easy thing to do, but so nice.

Call a Friend

It’s really easy to loose touch with people in the busy lives we modern families live – today’s act of kindness was just to reach out and say ‘hi’ to someone. I also decided to re-start our postcard programme – I found emails a bit too impersonal ,found writing a whole letter impossible and couldn’t figure out a good time … Read More

Make an Animal Shelter

We didn’t manage this as the weather was really shocking and the kids were poorly – so we came up with making some bird feeders instead. We used some mugs that could no longer be fixed, and found some seeds, nuts and things in the cupboard. We melted some fat and then mixed it all up. These will be hung … Read More

Share some Good News

We did this on Twitter this year, we filled our account with re-tweets of lovely stories, good news and happiness. It’s not that we are blind to the bad, but there are days when it’s healthy to remember the good – to actively seek it out and then share something positive.

Donate to Charity

We do this fairly regularly, mainly shoes and clothes as the kids get bigger. There are many ways you can donate – find a charity you feel passionately about or something local that’s easy to drop off at. You may have collection at school that you can ‘save up’ your donations for. We also have a collection bin with our … Read More

Send a Note

In these modern days of texting and emailing, it’s rather nice sometimes to get a bit of post that isn’t a bill. So popping a handmade note, picture, postcard or whatever. You can go big or go small, something for a neighbour hand delivered, or a letter to a friend overseas. It’s all good. If you do receive any post … Read More

FREE Gifts for Kids – yes, really!

  So, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t buy your children presents whenever you fancy – and ours will be getting things to unwrap and (I hope) things they will love. However, we do try to aim for a balance of the plastic tat they want and some more thoughtful things that help them grow to appreciate how lucky we … Read More