It’s been a while…

This is my first Thursday Thought in a very long time – and as I started to type, I realised just how much I’ve missed it. The last few months have been, shall we say, ‘Challenging’… I thought I could write a website, run a household, care for four completely crazy kids, walk the dog and remain sane quickly. I … Read More

Drive Safe!

This is a genuine photo, but it wasn’t taken in the UK! But do be careful of animals while out driving, on our road there are so many cats, many of whom seem to have deathwish… Stay safe humans and furbies.

Shower vs. Bath

Despite some recent news reports to the contrary, the shower really is the most environmentally and financially friendly way to wash a single person… if you are washing lots of kids or sharing a bath that may change the outcome – BUT the average bath uses 35 – 50 gallons of water and a 10 minute shower uses just 25 … Read More

As you like it…

STOP spending money on service station tea and coffee and take your own – just the way you like it x This also cuts down on all those cups going in the bin, and saves you money as well!  

Pay per mile…

Start thinking about your car journey’s by the mile (or km…) for example – it costs about 17p a mile to drive our family van (Frosty). So, if I drive to school 4 miles a day that’s about £3.50 a week. It’s not much, but over the year it comes to £136! Walking is clearly also much better for our … Read More


There are two kinds of ‘eco-balls’ for helping out with the laundry,  both have good environmental and financial credentials.     The first kind are to use in the washing machine, instead of cleaning liquids or powders – this also means they are good for those with sensitive skin.  There are lots of versions of these, some egg shaped, and … Read More

Car Alternatives

Here are some ideas to consider before you hop in the car… walk bike car share train bus coach don’t go delivery options rickshaw elephant donkey postal services taking turns with another family/driver becoming a hermit    

The Eco Button

On most new washing machines and dishwashers there is an ECO wash- it’s usually the longest programme and you may grow old before it’s done BUT it’s better for the environment because of the energy it uses in heating the water (or doesn’t to be more accurate). So… see if you can schedule your life to use the ECO option … Read More