Pets etc

If your pet has regular medication, it’s worth discussing options with your vet – it may be that there is an alternative brand or a place you can buy in bulk to save money. Try to source pet toys from your local charity shops or make your own. Cats go wild for scrunched up bits of foil… Look on freecycle and … Read More

Pet Sitting

It may be worth finding a circle of ‘pet friends’ to save money and stress on leaving your pet for holidays, breaks. We have a few great people who will have our dog, and we cat sit or similar for them in return. This saves a fortune, but also means your pet is in a more friendly environment and getting … Read More

Pet Food

So, the cost of buying food will change dramatically depending what sort of pet you have! So, have a look first at independent, local pet shops who often will offer a better rate for bulk/regular purchases. Our local pet shop also delivers for free! They are cheaper than Cost Co for a large bag of dog kibbles that lasts us … Read More

To pet or not to pet?

There’s no escaping the fact that pets are an non-essential financial burden – they cost money, sometimes lots of it… However, they also offer great mental health benefits, and possibly physical health benefits and if you already have one, we’re not going to tell you to get rid of it!  If you are looking for a new family pet, do … Read More

Pet Insurance

Consider if your pet needs insurance, this may depend on the age, breed, medical history, temperament and local services. Speak to your vet who may have some good links, and shop around for the best deals, checking annually to see if moving reduces your bill. When vet bills comes they are likely to be high – so make sure you … Read More

Cycle Safey

As we come to the end of our Transport theme I found this amazing video about paper cycling hats – it’s like someone has read my mind of eco/safety/recyclable/wonderfulness..

Travelling with Kids

As part of our May theme of Transport we are proud to be included in this very comprehensive article about travelling with children – there is something there for everyone and some really great ideas from families all over the world, who have been there and done it! Enjoy… Travelling with Kids