Tell Someone a Joke

Hope you have all downloaded your #frugalactsofkindness calendar and are playing along! We will share our efforts on our Instagram and Facebook pages if you want to join up with us there, we are also on Twitter and Pinterest as well. Busy Busy Busy! The challenge today was to share a little joy by telling someone a joke. So here … Read More

Pick Up Litter

It’s the 1st December and our Christmas Countdown has began, this year we found advent calendars with erasers inside, which the kids love and makes a change from chocolate. We also have a paper calendar which is a bit damaged now from years of use – you add a character to the nativity scene each day – it’s my favourite. … Read More

Week Three

This week was a bit easier, especially as I now think more about our impact in our daily living… so this week we: Had a clear out of too small shoes and donated them to shoe aid. Re-loaned our repayments from KIVA – this is a micro loan site that allows you to support small operations around the world to … Read More