Paying Forwards

We are so enjoying all the new businesses and organisations we are meeting across the globe, and all the innovations and ideas for running ethical and sustainable companies. We have mentioned a few, but Paying Forwards has a special place in our hearts as they reached out to our kids to become special tshirt testers! Look at these unique and … Read More


We got very excited about the new Ethical Brand Directory, and did a guest post for them (the first of many!) about how to recycle after Halloween… Take a quick look if you need some ideas x The Directory has been started by Roberta Lee, to try and get all the wonderful ethical suppliers and producers into one easy to … Read More

Shopping & Helping

We wanted to give a great Frugal Family shout out to all the companies that allow us to shop and help at the same time, we have recently come across the wonderful Ethicological – who are on a mission to make the products they sell meaningful and support amazing projects. Check them out to find out more about their mission … Read More

Shopping Local

We love our local high street, it’s one of the reasons we narrowed down our home search to this town. We love how many independent shops there are – and despite it going through a tough time at the moment, we have high hopes that it will pull through. There are also an incredibly high number of women business owners … Read More


I wanted to prove that I (mostly) practice what I preach… today we had a playdate – idea five on our list. We already had a friend over so that their mum could work today, so extra friends just adds more fun!?  I made ‘zones’ in the house so that there were things for people to do, and the garden … Read More

Garden Love

We are so lucky to have a great garden, it’s one of the reasons we chose this house. We love being able to go outside everyday, even if it’s for just five minutes between rain showers. We have been enjoying reading a new website we have only just discovered Green and Growing – what a great resource of fascinating articles … Read More

Natural Beauty

I am being uncharacteristically schmaltzy today, but I really do love nature and all the amazing and wonderous things around us. At this is time of year there is something so beautiful about the changing colours and the visible movement between the seasons. We have enjoyed lots of walks and scavenger hunts in the woods, parks and just the roads … Read More

Half Term Heaven

WOW! How can it possibly be time for another school holiday already? Some schools are already out, but we have to wait until next week. If you have kids home from school and need a few ideas you can have a browse through our Staying Sane in the Summer series as many of those ideas are still valid, or I … Read More

Trees For Cities

We are total tree huggers and so it was great to be in touch with this wonderful organisation Trees For Cities that are working all over the UK to bring nature, trees and green life to cities. We are so impressed with them, that once our paid e-course is up and running we will be making a donation for every … Read More

Part Two

Add green value to your business the easy way… One concern about the environment is our carbon footprint – you may have heard this term and thought there was nothing you could do about your impact at work… but there are a number of ways every business can look at becoming carbon neutral, or to offset their carbon footprint. You … Read More