5 Free Things to do NOW! to get ready for next Christmas…

Yes – I really do have some things I do as one Christmas ends, to get ready for the next one. This may sound a bit much, but you will thank me next December I promise, and there is nothing here that is onerous honest. 1. DVD or Book Advent Over several years of presents and great finds we built … Read More

Make the Postman smile

We were going to make  a funny poster, but then remembered we have this lovely Christmas post box that we never know what to do with! So, we filled it with sweets that we don’t really like, or can’t have and every delivery or knock at the door we  have offered the person a sweet. People have been genuinely surprised … Read More

Feed the Birds

We made these earlier in the month, and put them up for our #frugalactsofkindness, there has been snow  here and it’s quite harsh weather so I’m sure they will be welcomed by the local birds!

Offer to Help

With this you can go large or not, depending on your situation. This year was a bit hectic for us, so we just helped each other out at home. I was impressed that the older kids came and asked if they could help after reading what the idea was for the day – I gave them nice things to do … Read More

Send a Postcard

This is just a fun way to keeping in touch with people, either with a neighbour buy popping it through the door or with a stamp for someone further away… We like to send them overseas and see how long they take to arrive. This is actually the only way we could get our son to write anything, so we … Read More

Say Thank You

We really should do this everyday anyway, but putting it on the calendar just makes us focus on it for a day, and perhaps to remember if there are any special thanks we need to give.  You could do this in a variety of ways: make a phone call send a card visit someone to give your thanks in person … Read More

Donate a Toy

We try to have a clear out before Christmas and Birthdays each year, so we don’t tend to have lots of things that aren’t being used and loved – but we always seem to find at least one thing that the kids have grown out of or no longer play with. I think it’s a good skill to learn, and … Read More

Do A Chore

This is an another easy one – you can make up a chore, or just let the kids think of their own. We managed to: bring down all the cups from bedrooms get the letters out of the postbox help move chairs at school do LOTS of laundry (kids helped with putting it away) help to unload the dishwasher Not … Read More

Winter School Holiday Survival

It can be hard to think what to do with the kids in the Winter school holidays, of course the new toys and things they get at Christmas (assuming they are on the nice list) mean there is a lot of distraction, and there are usually lots of activities around for Christmas. However, these trips and toys all add up … Read More


This is such an easy one, but really helps both you and whoever you smile at feel good. We made a real effort to smile more today, and I for one enjoyed it!