Cinema Trip?

It can be a bit much to be outside or at home for the whole of the holidays, and we find being together at home can be nice for a while, and then not so much! We try to encourage free activities as much as possible, but one thing our family really enjoys are films.

A trip to the cinema can also be a good rainy day option, but that isn’t a cheap option. We keep it frugal by using supermarket loyalty points to get cheaper cinema tickets and you can do some research into  your local options that have a kids club or similar. These all have cheaper (less than £3 each) tickets at set times: – search for ‘kids’ – search for ‘movies for juniors’ – cheaper generally for family tickets – search for ‘mini mornings’ – cheaper generally and should have kids shows as well.


See if you have any local independent or Arts cinemas near to  you, although they may generally not show mainstream films, in the school holidays they may have some little gems!

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