Chill Out

I think most of the pressure to be ‘exciting’ every second of the holiday comes from us – rather than the kids. Often they just want to watch tv, and it is supposed to be a holiday so some days just go with it. We have PJ days in the holiday, usually unplanned, when everyone is just a bit tired and needs to chill out. It’s not everyday, and it’s age appropriate tv they are watching so I’ve stopped worrying about it, it is their holiday from school and pressure and schedules and uniform, and it’s mine too so I sit and watch with them. Those moments when you laugh at a kids film together are just as precious as the educational photo opportunity you may also have in the holidays. We try for at least one bit of fresh air a day, but a dog walk in PJs is ok too – just nownagain! You can always add in something vaguely healthy like making smoothies, but make sure it’s an easy food day for you as well. One of the tricks of parenting I’ve learned is to try and match my energy to theirs, so that I relax more when they are and have more energy left for when they do – if you take their down time to be mega busy ‘behind the scenes’ you will just burn out.

For those parents that are screaming at this that they have demanding children who whine ‘I’m bored’ every second of the day… I hear you – Tuesday 25th I will give you all you need to make a Bored Jar for yourself as well as the kids 😉 


Top Chill Out Day Suggestions:  (remember all you need for this should be in the house as you planned so well xx)

  • Watch a movie
  • Make cakes/cookies
  • Make a den
  • Play with dressing up stuff
  • Open a Dr’s, Vets, School, whatever you have most toys for… an estate agents etc. etc.
  • Make a toy car slide and have races
  • Play computer games
  • Play board games
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Singing
  • Make a train track
  • Lego/Duplo building
  • Read some books
  • Perform a play/Make a video
  • Write some books!

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