The more children we had the more I realised how quickly they grow and change, and then how quickly they become independent and would go off into the world without me – it’s a good thing really. As parents our job is the give them all the skills they need for just that adventure.

In the meantime, you may want to keep a record of your wonderful, or even just an average Summer… might just be that you take lots of photos for Instagram (we have a daily pic and spend if you’re interested x) or you may want to do something more physical and beautiful and make a scrapbook. You could just keep a photo diary or get the kids to keep a diary adds a bit of writing to the day 😉 – we first started this a couple of years ago when we go this lovely freebie from Sainsburys, we used it and it inspired us to do it every Summer. We have learned all too well that life is very short, and memory keeping is a really valuable exercise, it’s particularly useful for younger children who will be in photos but may not remember the events.

You might look to make a photobook with on of the online processors, they often have really good deals and then do most of the work for you… I’m more of a scrapbooker but I suspect that’s just an excuse to use crafty things.

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