I find that when the kids are home they EAT endlessly, saying ‘I’m hungry’ is sometimes their way of saying ‘I’m bored’, but nevertheless they eat us out of house and home, and over six weeks that extra food will add up. If you also make lots of picnics, as we do, and try to avoid eating in cafes and restaurants the amount of food that will be consumed over the Summer = LOTS!

So, a while ago we came across a website that sells off dry goods on or past their best before dates. In all honesty most of what we buy is well within their dates, but the really cheap stuff is a bit over. There is a lot of explanatory info over on their site at Approved Foods if you have any concerns about use by and sell by dates and what they mean.We save a fortune having a delivery before the holidays, we do it for each holiday and it supplies our picnics and snacks. If you buy via this link they have a friends referral system and we will get a % of your purchase back in vouchers to use on our shop – so huge thanks if you do!

The delivery is quite steep so I often wait for a half price voucher, or go halves with a neighbour on an order.

The very best thing about the delivery, is that you get lots of lovely boxes to play with on Box Day… you have a box day every holiday right?


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