11. Sort your leave out

I’m guessing you have done this already – probably a long time ago to get the dates you wanted, but just in case today is a not-at-all-gentle reminder to make sure you and anyone else you need to have booked off any leave from work that you need to cover the holidays. If you are asking friends and family to help with childcare make sure you have checked with them the dates and times very carefully and clearly. If you are booking a club make sure they have confirmed the dates with you. If you are unsure about your Rights in the UK about annual leave, you can check here.

If you need to work with step families this can be a particularly difficult time of year – try to make sure you are all clear about dates and times that children are with each parent/family so that they do not feel the brunt of disgruntled parents.

If you have flexible working be realistic about what you ask for – maybe you can work from home, but that’s not a great day to have the whole street round for a water fight… No one wants to attempt a business phone call while kids are screaming in the background. You may be able to work evenings, but again be realistic about how much energy you will have after a full day.

Remember to use the calendar to keep track of everything – I like to use colours for people or locations so they are easy to pick out. 

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