10. Shopping List

So, by now you should have had a chance to see what you’ve already got available to entertain the troops over the holidays, I suspect you will need more supplies so I’ve added the list I use to check off what we need, if it’s useful I’ve also added my own completed list down here – so far as I’ve not started shopping yet… where does the time go??

Don’t assume you have to spend a fortune on all these things, you need to start checking the charity/secondhand shops, participating in free/recycling groups on facebook or similar, ask family and friends if they are having a clear out, find out if there is a scrap store in your local area and use the local poundshops (independent ones if you can 😉 ). I try to arrange lots of swaps as well – more on that another day.

Just as a heads up, I use themes in the holidays to help me plan and give the kids a bit of focus – the themes have an impact on my shopping. I will be telling you more about on Monday 17th July.

Supplies Completed


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