10 Kitchen Gadgets to save your sanity…

We are all working up against it in the kitchen, from fussy eaters, dietary needs, time obstacles and the increasing cost of food – I can certainly do with some ideas of how to use what I have better, or just some new inspiration for what works well. I asked other parents what their favourite gadgets in the kitchen were, and this is what they said…

Please check out the links on each name – to see more about them and their kitchen obsessions!

  1. Kendra at www.mrsdoingmybest.com – I’m all about efficiency and saving time. My favourite kitchen gadget is my toaster oven!
  2. Darlene at www.babycostsmoney.com – Apple slicer! It slices an apple faster than my ToddlerMonster can change her mind. 🙃 She is big enough to eat a whole slice of apple now, but when she was smaller I would use the apple slicer as Step One.
  3. Ej at www.redifininghistory.blog – I love my Rival Personal Blender  it is my ideal kitchen gadget for creating my favourite, refreshing mixed drinks and fruity smoothies right from my very own kitchen or wherever I tote this lightweight gadget. This affordable, durable personal blender  provides me with my own personal size 15 oz. on-the-go travel mug, so I will never go thirsty again!
  4. Natalie at www.newmommasurvival.com – My favourite kitchen gadget is actually my Pampered chef scraper. I use mainly cast iron when cooking and this handy little tool makes it so easy to gently scrape off food. I also use it to scrape off stuck-on price tags or the labels off jars! It’s the simplest tool but I seem to use it the most.
  5. Tracy at www.frugalfloridamom.com – I have so many I did a post on this! My favourite is probably my rotary grater.
  6. Barbara at www.sunshineguerilla.com – I am all about tools made locally or out of eco-friendly materials (as little nasty toxic plastic touching our food as possible). I love best manufacturer whisks, epicurean turners and cutting boards, and reusable sandwich bags and biobags!
  7. Kendra at www.omahalulagirls.com and Sybil at www.mamasandcoffee.com are both in love with their Instapot. The speed and size makes for brilliant family meals with low fuss.
  8. Kristal at www.lattesandlittlehugs.com – Not necessarily a gadget, but I love mason jars! They can be used for a million different things, from a muffin cup holder to a Margarita mixer!
  9. Nicole at www.theprofesssionalmomproject.com –  I love my soda stream! Makes fizzy water in 3 seconds.
  10. Surya at www.thecrazybusymom.com – Not sure if it’s a gadget or not, but I actually love my bread machine. Fresh bread in an hour! And I use it to make my pizza dough or dough for rolls. Set it and forget it!


Here at Frugal HQ we actively encourage the kids to take a role in planning and preparing meals, shopping and cooking. It’s an important skill to learn and once the Summer chaos is over we’ll be taking a close look at all things family frugal and food related. Hope this was interesting… I’ve just dusted off the bread machine and discovered you can make jam in it… who knew!!

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